Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fel Iron - Easy Gold or More Trouble than it's Worth?

Fel Iron is one of the more common ores found in the outlands and has become a staple way of making money with mining in World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade.

However with the release of the Brilliant Glass technique for Jewel Crafters, miners suddenly have found the price of fel iron sky rocketing.

The reason is simple, when patch 2.4.2 came out Brilliant Glass gave you gems worth nearly 2 x the price of fel iron from the cost of the mats. People were simply going to the AH, buying it all the fel iron and then after running it through brilliant glass making a lot of easy gold.

However now things have stabilised, but in doing so they have increased the value of Fel Iron by an insane amount, meaning that with a little bit of effort grinding you can make a lot of gold simply by mining fel iron.

So for those of you saving up for a flying mount, wanting to buy some expensive mats of teh auction house or simply buying flasks to raid, Mining Fel Iron is a great way of helping you get the gold you need ot be the player you want.

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