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The WoW Gold Guru has been set up as an informative, accurate and above all useful guide to the art of making money in World of Warcraft.

Over the next few months I am hoping to build up a whole host of articles dedicated to the art of making gold In WoW quickly and easily!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Entire Shattered Sun Offensive Daily Quest List - The Best Way to Make Gold With Daily Quests.

Since Patch 2.4 was released there has een a huge influx in daily quests, most of them easy to do and all of them giving a lot of Gold. The Shattered Sun Offensive Daily Quests are by far the best daily quests for making gold quickly.

Like many players I tend to do as many daily quests as possible in my free time to get as much gold as possible out of them, after all 10G for 5 minutes work isn't bad!

I did however have trouble finding a complete list of the dailies, so here they are, the entire Patch 2.4 Daily Quest List!

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase One

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase Two
Shattered Sun Offensive Phase 2 (50%)

Shattered Sun Offensive Phase Three

Shattered Sun Offensive Four

New Daily PVP Quests

Reputation Shattered Sun QuestsAnd there you have it, the entire Patch 2.4 Daily Quests, a great way to make lots of gold fast, and the reputation with the SHattered Sun Offensive wont hurt either!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Making WoW Gold With Scryer and Aldor Rep Items

Unfortunately most ways to make Gold in WoW involve a certain level of repetitive grinding. While grinding for Aldor and Scryer rep items to sell on the auction house is no different it does have the added benefit of getting you netherweave cloth, gold and the occasional green and blue rare items.

Aldor and Scryer reputation items are always worth a large amount of gold, but their prices do fluctuate rapidly. Keep a keen eye on the auction house for the best time to sell and you can sometimes get upto double the amount of gold you would have done otherwise.

Scryer rep items can be found in areas like the Manaforges in Netherstorm, Aldor Rep items seem to have the highest drop rate at Deaths Door in the Blades Edge Mountains. These are just one of many areas where you can get these, The general rule of thumb is Blood Elves drop Scryer Rep Items such as Arcane Tomes and Demons drop Aldor Items such as Fel Armanants and Marks of Saragas.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Enchanting - Making Gold by Disenchanting.

This may seem another obvious thing, but for any enchanters out there, anything green or above, Disenchant it! Disenchanting Items can provide huge amounts of gold, and the best thing is that since disenchanting is bundled with enchanting you don't need to waste a trade skill like you do with herbalism and mining.

You may find enchanting materials can make huge amounts of gold in WoW, like Dream Dust and Vision dust sell which extremely well. When you hit the outlands Arcane dust, Greater Planer Essence and Large Prismatic Shards are also worth quite a nice sum.

You will find Large Prismatic Shards are the best money makers and come from blue instance items in the outlands. The best place to grind these is in some of the higher end instances in the Outlands, to do this you will need a group, and share the Large Prismatic Shards, but on the plus side on the easier instances you can get through them quite quickly and Large Prismatic Shards do sell for a lot of gold, even after the introduction of Void Shatter in Patch 2.4 which has a 24 hour cooldown.

Ontop of these though there are many different kinds of enchanting materials that sell for a lot of gold in WoW, making disenchanting a very profitable way to make money on the auction house!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Copper - Worth its Weight in Gold

Copper is one of the easiest to find minerals in World of Warcraft and yet even with the Burning Crusade it can sell for more than enough on the Auction House. It may seem a bit obvious to point out but a lot of people don't realise exactly how much can be made. With a swift mount and the +10% riding crop increase you can speed around the copper spawn points, and an addon like gatherer will greatly speed your grinding to up your gold.

I would definately suggest any miner to spend a bit of time grinding copper to get easy gold in WoW!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Making Gold - Daily Quests

Daily quests were first just a novelty, hten an easy way to make a little gold. Now however simply going over to Sunwell Isle can net around 200g in an hour (including netherweave and green drops) with an easy 100g of that from the new sunwell isle daily quests.

Match that with the fishing daily quests giving out huge amounts of gold and suddenly you can see yourself becoming very rich very quickly in WoW. The amount of money you can make from daily quests varies between 7g and 12g normally , with a 10g average value. This means with the 25 daily quests you are allowed to do each day you get a base amount of 250g plus any money you make from drops and so on. The amount of gold from drops is usually around equal to that you get from the quest itself.

The best part is you don't have to spend much to do these quests, at most the odd repair bill, and there is next to no risk compared to the relatively high risks of buying the auctionhouse.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fishing for Gold?

Fishing in World of Warcraft never used to be that profitable, sure after enough work and by getting your cooking upto par you could make some pretty nice things like Golden Fish Sticks, with +44 healing and +20 spirit being a nice bonus for any healer. But the days of grinding would make the auctionhouse seem so much more appealing, and other options gave much more gold compared to fishing.

In patch 2.4 however it seems like fishing may be making a comeback as a way to make gold in WoW. First off there are now four new fishing dailys, with fantastic rewards, be it a grey item worth 10-15 gold, a ring worth 500 gold or just a potion that lets you walk on water for ten minutes, you would not be disappointed.

There is a huge array of gray items that can be found int hese reward bags, again, worth 10 to 15 g each. Of course then there are the whites, a lot of these go for a lot on the Auction house and can be a great edition to any bank character, monacles, silver cufflinks and the like are fantastic pieces, not to mention the golden wedding band for those role players. Then there are blues and even an epic ring, the 2 ring, which has +22 of every stat. All in all combined with the value of fish themselves fishing is looking to be one hell of a profitable way to make gold in World of Warcraft!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Is Void Shatter a Way to Make Gold In WoW?


There have been some major changes to The Enchant Void Shatter. THere is no longer any Cooldown!

You can find more details on the Void Shatter No Longer Requires A Cooldown! Page.

With the coming of Patch 2.4 there have been a lot of changes in the WoW economy, the most significant eing the availaility of netherweave, auction house prices of Netherweave cCLoth have dropped on nearly all servers.

Along with the new patch however there did come a nice addition to the Enchanting profession, giving them a great way to get some extra gold in. They received vendor selling enchant called Void Shatter. Void shatter basically splits a Void crytal into two large primsatic shards, and can be used once every 23 hours. The downside is that to use this you need a Runed Eternium Rod.

Now taking into consideration a runed eternum rod will set you back between 500 to 600 gold you may question wether or not this will infact be worth the hassle. Infact on most servers it will take you around 40-70 days to make your money back. Now this is a very simplistic view, most top end enchants need this rod, and people will pay a lot of gold to have yo do them, so you may need to make one anyway.

If you do have the runed eternium rod already then getting void shatter is a no brainer. You can get Void Crystals dirt cheep, split them and sell Large prismatics at around 30g a piece, making you around 20g profit in a matter of minutes, equivelant to two dailys!