Sunday, 6 April 2008

Is Void Shatter a Way to Make Gold In WoW?


There have been some major changes to The Enchant Void Shatter. THere is no longer any Cooldown!

You can find more details on the Void Shatter No Longer Requires A Cooldown! Page.

With the coming of Patch 2.4 there have been a lot of changes in the WoW economy, the most significant eing the availaility of netherweave, auction house prices of Netherweave cCLoth have dropped on nearly all servers.

Along with the new patch however there did come a nice addition to the Enchanting profession, giving them a great way to get some extra gold in. They received vendor selling enchant called Void Shatter. Void shatter basically splits a Void crytal into two large primsatic shards, and can be used once every 23 hours. The downside is that to use this you need a Runed Eternium Rod.

Now taking into consideration a runed eternum rod will set you back between 500 to 600 gold you may question wether or not this will infact be worth the hassle. Infact on most servers it will take you around 40-70 days to make your money back. Now this is a very simplistic view, most top end enchants need this rod, and people will pay a lot of gold to have yo do them, so you may need to make one anyway.

If you do have the runed eternium rod already then getting void shatter is a no brainer. You can get Void Crystals dirt cheep, split them and sell Large prismatics at around 30g a piece, making you around 20g profit in a matter of minutes, equivelant to two dailys!

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