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The WoW Gold Guru has been set up as an informative, accurate and above all useful guide to the art of making money in World of Warcraft.

Over the next few months I am hoping to build up a whole host of articles dedicated to the art of making gold In WoW quickly and easily!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

World of Warcraft Raid Guide: Top WoW Addons - Deadly Boss Mods

World of Warcraft Raid Guide: Top WoW Addons - Deadly Boss Mods

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lifesteal Enchant

Lifesteal is still a much sought after enchant even in The burning Crusade, farming this rare enchant as a level 70 is both easy and profitable.

Lifesteal drops in Scholomance and is dropped by the Spectral Researchers. These guys are dispatched of with easy and have a fairly decent drop rate.

Since patch 2.4 the drop rate of this enchanting recipe increased slightly, but nevertheless these recipies can go for between 50 - 400g depending on your server!

THis enchant is still highly sought after by many players for their Twink characters, enchantments on these can make a huge diference to winning or losing Warsong Gulch!

Monday, 30 June 2008

Quick Gold - Flask of Chromatic Wonder Recipe

The Flask of Chromatic Wonder Recipe is one of the Gold makers easiest money making tools. The recipe itself is actually found on vendor Apprentice Darius just outside Karazhan. He sells teh recipe for 4G, quite expensive, but it has been found that on many servers the flask of chromatic wonder recipe can sell on the auction house for as much as 150g

Now such an easy way to make gold will most likely not last for long, it is expected that Blizzard will make the recipe Bind on Pickup ina future patch, until that time however buy these babies up, get them on the auction house and sell sell sell, while you may not get 150g its not unreaonable to expect you might get a lot more than the 4g you intially paid for the recipe!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fel Iron - Easy Gold or More Trouble than it's Worth?

Fel Iron is one of the more common ores found in the outlands and has become a staple way of making money with mining in World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade.

However with the release of the Brilliant Glass technique for Jewel Crafters, miners suddenly have found the price of fel iron sky rocketing.

The reason is simple, when patch 2.4.2 came out Brilliant Glass gave you gems worth nearly 2 x the price of fel iron from the cost of the mats. People were simply going to the AH, buying it all the fel iron and then after running it through brilliant glass making a lot of easy gold.

However now things have stabilised, but in doing so they have increased the value of Fel Iron by an insane amount, meaning that with a little bit of effort grinding you can make a lot of gold simply by mining fel iron.

So for those of you saving up for a flying mount, wanting to buy some expensive mats of teh auction house or simply buying flasks to raid, Mining Fel Iron is a great way of helping you get the gold you need ot be the player you want.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Runecloth - The New Netherweave?

Since the release of Sunwell Isle Netherweave has dropped significantly in price, one of the old good earners now tends to go for between 1g and 2g a stack when it used to go for between 3g and 5g!

Fortunately for those who loved to grind humanoids there is hope. Runecloth still tends to be quite expensive, if not more so tan it was before, and it aint half easy to get either!

Great Runecloth grinding places include the Humanoid mobs in Hellfire Peninsula, the blood elves that have appeared in Azshara and the Humanoids in Eastern Plaguelands.

While Runecloth may go for similar prices to netherweave now it is one hell of a lot easier to grind!

Monday, 26 May 2008

For those of us who have done the ardious task of getting the gold together for an epc flying mount you may find yourself grinding for hours upon hours.

I too did this for the first 2000 gold before I finally found this guide. Luke, the writer of this book, spent a huge amount of time shadowing the best players to find out exactly how they got their Gold in World of Warcraft.

After months of work he cracked it all and realeased information on how to make 200g an hour Easily.

Using this guide you can quickly make enough gold to cover all your raiding and levelling expenses, not to mention day to day armour and weapon upgrade costs.

Even better he keeps the guide updated for each patch and has included a ticketing system for his members, so if you ever have any questions help is only a click away!

YOu can find more information on the best gold guide Here

Monday, 19 May 2008

Making Gold with Brilliant Glass

In Patch 2.4.2 we saw a whole host of new additions to World of Warcraft, the most important for Jewelcrafters was that of Brilliant Glass. Brilliant Glass is a technique which consumes 3 of each of several Common Gems that can be found by Prospecting or Cheaply off the Auction House.

Brilliant Glass is basically converting these common gems into a superior quality gem, for the most part you will get blues, but every so often you will receive an Epic Quality Gem. These Epic Gems can go from anything from 400g to 1000g depending on your server.

The Brilliant Glass skill is limited to once a day, but should be used every day! You can make a lot of gold with this technique, you will be missing out on making a huge amount of money with this very quick very simple spell if you are not careful!

This is a time when Jewelcrafting will finally bring in some fantastic amounts of gold, dont mis out!