Monday, 26 May 2008

For those of us who have done the ardious task of getting the gold together for an epc flying mount you may find yourself grinding for hours upon hours.

I too did this for the first 2000 gold before I finally found this guide. Luke, the writer of this book, spent a huge amount of time shadowing the best players to find out exactly how they got their Gold in World of Warcraft.

After months of work he cracked it all and realeased information on how to make 200g an hour Easily.

Using this guide you can quickly make enough gold to cover all your raiding and levelling expenses, not to mention day to day armour and weapon upgrade costs.

Even better he keeps the guide updated for each patch and has included a ticketing system for his members, so if you ever have any questions help is only a click away!

YOu can find more information on the best gold guide Here

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