Friday, 2 May 2008

Which Daily Quest is the Best for Making Gold?

The question of which Daily Quest is the most effective for making gold is quite possibly one of the most searched for problems on World of Warcraft.

The truth is there is no simple answer, it requires you to know what you can do and how fast you can do it.

Take a holy priest for instance. The Best Daily Quests for a holy priest do not involve fighting, the bombing runs and travelling quests are probably more effective for gold per hour.

For most other classes however choosing you're quests is a matter of prefrence, there are however things you should look out for.

Try and merge quests, if one quest wants you to kill things and the other wants you to visit something in the same area do them both at the same time!

Do quests that require you to kill things, that way you get mob loot as well as the quest reward

Team up with other players, a group of two players is easily equal to three seperate players.

Location, Location, Location - Quests that are closer together mean less travelling time (Hence why I love Sunwell Isle so much!

Keep these key points in mind and you should be making gold in the hundreds in a matter of hours :)

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