Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Which Alchemy Mastery is best for Making Gold?

Alchemy and Herbalism is a great way to make Gold. When you hit 375 Alchemy though you get an important choice to make. Which Alchemy Mastery should I take?

Now for anybody in a raiding guild it is usually a good idea to ask the guild what it needs. For those not in a guild however there is complete freedom in choosing your alchemy spec.

An Alchemy Specialisation basically gives around 20% more than you would get without it in an area. Therefore if you are making gold you should base your decision on what you actually sell!

If you sell a lot of Super Mana Potions on the auction house Then Potions Mastery is the obvious choice.

If Elixers are your best gold earners then Take elixer Mastery.

I would not however take Transmute Mastery (From Experience) While its nice to get the occasional 2 for 1 Primal mights the fact you can only do this once a day devalues this talent considerably conpared to flasks or potions, of which there is no limit.

When I first went for a mastery I took Transmute Mastery, I spent a lot of gold getting the primal mights I required, when I could have got the potions for its respective mastery at a greatly reduced cost, and then it took me a week to get my first primal might proc. Needless to say I was not impressed.

In my opinion Potion Mastery is the best for making Gold, Simply because what you make is in high demand, and the mats are fairly cheap. Elixer mastery is also pretty good, though Falls over a bit because many Raiding Guilds use Flasks Rather than Elixers, (Healers being the exception for Elixer of Healing Power).

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