Introduction To WoW Gold Guide

The WoW Gold Guru has been set up as an informative, accurate and above all useful guide to the art of making money in World of Warcraft.

Over the next few months I am hoping to build up a whole host of articles dedicated to the art of making gold In WoW quickly and easily!

Monday, 26 May 2008

For those of us who have done the ardious task of getting the gold together for an epc flying mount you may find yourself grinding for hours upon hours.

I too did this for the first 2000 gold before I finally found this guide. Luke, the writer of this book, spent a huge amount of time shadowing the best players to find out exactly how they got their Gold in World of Warcraft.

After months of work he cracked it all and realeased information on how to make 200g an hour Easily.

Using this guide you can quickly make enough gold to cover all your raiding and levelling expenses, not to mention day to day armour and weapon upgrade costs.

Even better he keeps the guide updated for each patch and has included a ticketing system for his members, so if you ever have any questions help is only a click away!

YOu can find more information on the best gold guide Here

Monday, 19 May 2008

Making Gold with Brilliant Glass

In Patch 2.4.2 we saw a whole host of new additions to World of Warcraft, the most important for Jewelcrafters was that of Brilliant Glass. Brilliant Glass is a technique which consumes 3 of each of several Common Gems that can be found by Prospecting or Cheaply off the Auction House.

Brilliant Glass is basically converting these common gems into a superior quality gem, for the most part you will get blues, but every so often you will receive an Epic Quality Gem. These Epic Gems can go from anything from 400g to 1000g depending on your server.

The Brilliant Glass skill is limited to once a day, but should be used every day! You can make a lot of gold with this technique, you will be missing out on making a huge amount of money with this very quick very simple spell if you are not careful!

This is a time when Jewelcrafting will finally bring in some fantastic amounts of gold, dont mis out!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Void Shatter No Cooldown! - A way to Make Quick Gold - Update

I have blogged about Void Shatter to Make Gold before but in Patch 2.4.2 Blizzard made a significant change. Infact what they most significantly did was remove the 24 hour cooldown. Now you cant make this untill you are 375, and the Runed Eternium Rod is still massively expensive, but with this change it is much more likely that you can make a decent amount of gold from Void Shatter!

There is a downside for all you world of warcraft money makers however. Now that Void Shatter no longer has a cooldown it price on the auction house will drop dramatically since lots of guilds have hundreds to thousands of void crystals saved!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Which Alchemy Mastery is best for Making Gold?

Alchemy and Herbalism is a great way to make Gold. When you hit 375 Alchemy though you get an important choice to make. Which Alchemy Mastery should I take?

Now for anybody in a raiding guild it is usually a good idea to ask the guild what it needs. For those not in a guild however there is complete freedom in choosing your alchemy spec.

An Alchemy Specialisation basically gives around 20% more than you would get without it in an area. Therefore if you are making gold you should base your decision on what you actually sell!

If you sell a lot of Super Mana Potions on the auction house Then Potions Mastery is the obvious choice.

If Elixers are your best gold earners then Take elixer Mastery.

I would not however take Transmute Mastery (From Experience) While its nice to get the occasional 2 for 1 Primal mights the fact you can only do this once a day devalues this talent considerably conpared to flasks or potions, of which there is no limit.

When I first went for a mastery I took Transmute Mastery, I spent a lot of gold getting the primal mights I required, when I could have got the potions for its respective mastery at a greatly reduced cost, and then it took me a week to get my first primal might proc. Needless to say I was not impressed.

In my opinion Potion Mastery is the best for making Gold, Simply because what you make is in high demand, and the mats are fairly cheap. Elixer mastery is also pretty good, though Falls over a bit because many Raiding Guilds use Flasks Rather than Elixers, (Healers being the exception for Elixer of Healing Power).

Friday, 2 May 2008

Which Daily Quest is the Best for Making Gold?

The question of which Daily Quest is the most effective for making gold is quite possibly one of the most searched for problems on World of Warcraft.

The truth is there is no simple answer, it requires you to know what you can do and how fast you can do it.

Take a holy priest for instance. The Best Daily Quests for a holy priest do not involve fighting, the bombing runs and travelling quests are probably more effective for gold per hour.

For most other classes however choosing you're quests is a matter of prefrence, there are however things you should look out for.

Try and merge quests, if one quest wants you to kill things and the other wants you to visit something in the same area do them both at the same time!

Do quests that require you to kill things, that way you get mob loot as well as the quest reward

Team up with other players, a group of two players is easily equal to three seperate players.

Location, Location, Location - Quests that are closer together mean less travelling time (Hence why I love Sunwell Isle so much!

Keep these key points in mind and you should be making gold in the hundreds in a matter of hours :)