Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Runecloth - The New Netherweave?

Since the release of Sunwell Isle Netherweave has dropped significantly in price, one of the old good earners now tends to go for between 1g and 2g a stack when it used to go for between 3g and 5g!

Fortunately for those who loved to grind humanoids there is hope. Runecloth still tends to be quite expensive, if not more so tan it was before, and it aint half easy to get either!

Great Runecloth grinding places include the Humanoid mobs in Hellfire Peninsula, the blood elves that have appeared in Azshara and the Humanoids in Eastern Plaguelands.

While Runecloth may go for similar prices to netherweave now it is one hell of a lot easier to grind!

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