Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fishing for Gold?

Fishing in World of Warcraft never used to be that profitable, sure after enough work and by getting your cooking upto par you could make some pretty nice things like Golden Fish Sticks, with +44 healing and +20 spirit being a nice bonus for any healer. But the days of grinding would make the auctionhouse seem so much more appealing, and other options gave much more gold compared to fishing.

In patch 2.4 however it seems like fishing may be making a comeback as a way to make gold in WoW. First off there are now four new fishing dailys, with fantastic rewards, be it a grey item worth 10-15 gold, a ring worth 500 gold or just a potion that lets you walk on water for ten minutes, you would not be disappointed.

There is a huge array of gray items that can be found int hese reward bags, again, worth 10 to 15 g each. Of course then there are the whites, a lot of these go for a lot on the Auction house and can be a great edition to any bank character, monacles, silver cufflinks and the like are fantastic pieces, not to mention the golden wedding band for those role players. Then there are blues and even an epic ring, the 2 ring, which has +22 of every stat. All in all combined with the value of fish themselves fishing is looking to be one hell of a profitable way to make gold in World of Warcraft!

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Steven Cole said...

u left a 0 off 500... the 2 ring sells for about 5000g

well thottbot says 3193 Gold 98 Silver average