Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Making Gold - Daily Quests

Daily quests were first just a novelty, hten an easy way to make a little gold. Now however simply going over to Sunwell Isle can net around 200g in an hour (including netherweave and green drops) with an easy 100g of that from the new sunwell isle daily quests.

Match that with the fishing daily quests giving out huge amounts of gold and suddenly you can see yourself becoming very rich very quickly in WoW. The amount of money you can make from daily quests varies between 7g and 12g normally , with a 10g average value. This means with the 25 daily quests you are allowed to do each day you get a base amount of 250g plus any money you make from drops and so on. The amount of gold from drops is usually around equal to that you get from the quest itself.

The best part is you don't have to spend much to do these quests, at most the odd repair bill, and there is next to no risk compared to the relatively high risks of buying the auctionhouse.

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