Friday, 25 April 2008

Making WoW Gold With Scryer and Aldor Rep Items

Unfortunately most ways to make Gold in WoW involve a certain level of repetitive grinding. While grinding for Aldor and Scryer rep items to sell on the auction house is no different it does have the added benefit of getting you netherweave cloth, gold and the occasional green and blue rare items.

Aldor and Scryer reputation items are always worth a large amount of gold, but their prices do fluctuate rapidly. Keep a keen eye on the auction house for the best time to sell and you can sometimes get upto double the amount of gold you would have done otherwise.

Scryer rep items can be found in areas like the Manaforges in Netherstorm, Aldor Rep items seem to have the highest drop rate at Deaths Door in the Blades Edge Mountains. These are just one of many areas where you can get these, The general rule of thumb is Blood Elves drop Scryer Rep Items such as Arcane Tomes and Demons drop Aldor Items such as Fel Armanants and Marks of Saragas.

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