Monday, 10 March 2008

The Mining Goldmine in World of Warcraft.

Mining is one of the more basic resource gathering skills in World of Warcraft. It requires a lot of grinding, a lot of time, but in the end you will have a lot of stacks of materials which regularly go for huge amounts on the auction house.

Mining has always been one of my favorite ways of making money, and helped me get the epic flying mount which is oh so beautiful to use in the outlands. While the grind can, and will, be tedious the financial reward of a bag full of gold can be more than worth it.

Some ores, even copper, are readily available, and yet still many people would rather just buy a few stacks off the auction house than spend ten minutes grinding. This gives the rest of us a fatastic opportunity to make some cold hard gold in World of Warcraft.

Firstly, this isnt a long or complicated guide. A lot of it is so basic most peolpe do it automatically.

Look on the auction house, see what is selling for a lot, figure out how easy it is to grind, go grind a lot of it, sell it high. The basic principals are all there.

There are several small things when choosing which minerals to mine in WoW, all of them fairly simple

Iron ore might be going for twice as much as copper, but Iron takes at least 4 times longer to grind. It is therefore so much easier to grind copper and make twice as much than if you had tried to do the same with Iron.

Rarer ores, such as Thorium, Tend to go for a huge amount on the auction house. These can be very lucrative, but time consuming, to gather.

When you hit the outlands you may find there is a bit less money in mining. Due to the influx of people grinding some of these ores prices are very cheap. It is not all bad though, if you take jewel crafting as your secondary profession you can prospect ores, which can give you high quality gems from your ore.

Mining is without a doubt one of the highest, most gaurenteed ways, of making huge amounts of money in world of warcraft. You may need to spend some tmie getting there but anyone, no matter what their skill can make gold by the thousands by mining in world fo warcraft.