Thursday, 20 March 2008

Prospecting for Gold - Make Huge Amounts of Money from Jewelcrafting

Anyone who took mining already knows how much money you can make just by grinding and selling on the auction house. For those who took jewel crafting though you really are in the money.

Prospecting uses five pieces of ore (Equivalent to 2.5 fel iron bars) and returns a gem. For the most part you will get stacks of green gems, however there is a 5-10% chance that a rare blue gem will drop. While this is a matter of luck you can lose a little money or make upwards of 300g from a stack. The gems you want to look out for are Nightseye, Noble Topaz, Dawnstone, Star of Elune and Living Ruby, all of which sell for huge amounts on the auction house!

Occasionally items such as thorium drop in price, these old world ores can turn out gems such as the azerothian diamond which are worth a lot!


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